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The flow of lithium mica flotation process?

fxy/ Release time : 2023-06-21

The flotation process of lithium pyroxene can be divided into two ways: positive flotation and reverse flotation, so how is the flotation process of lithium mica realized?

Lithium mica

Lithium mica

1. First flotation of mica, then lithium pyroxene, and finally feldspar.

The process is as follows: cationic flotation of mica in a weak acid environment; flotation tailings are concentrated to 50%, then mixed with oleic acid type trapping agent and alcohol-based frothing agent to make the solid content reach 17% and flotation of lithium pyroxene; the enriched tailings are enriched with hydrofluoric acid and cationic trapping agent is used for flotation.

2. Flotation of lithium pyroxene first, then mica, then feldspar.

The process flow is as follows: concentrate the slurry to 64%, add acid, sulfuric acid, frothing agent, and mix it to make it 21% solid, and float lithium pyroxene; use cationic trap to float mica in lithium pyroxene flotation tailings; activate feldspar powder with mica flotation tailings and fluorohydrogen acid, and add cationic trap to float feldspar powder.

3. Mixed flotation of lithium pyroxene and mica, and finally flotation of feldspar.

The process is: mixing with sulfuric acid in the slurry, then adding anionic trap, flotation of mica-lithium pyroxene; stirring mixed concentrate in acidic solution, so that mica ore and iron-bearing ore flotation, the formation of lithium pyroxene; after mixed flotation of the tailings were treated with hydrofluoric acid, and then flotation with cationic trap. The reverse flotation of lithium pyroxene is carried out in an alkaline pulp with dextrin and starch as corrosion inhibitors, pine alcohol oil as a frothing agent, and cationic type traps of amine to flotation quartz, feldspar, mica and other vein minerals.

The primary stage of lithium mica processing - crushing and grinding

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