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Can granite be made into mechanical sand? What equipment is needed to make granite sand?

zkj/ Release time : 2023-02-21

Granite is a natural ore with hard texture, uniform color and good wear resistance, and also a high quality building stone with block structure, beautiful color and hard texture, mostly off-white and light gray, which is widely distributed in nature. Recently, there is such a situation in the northern part of China, the long-term mining of granite mines, resulting in the production of granite slag waste is huge, has become a hot potato, granite slag waste in the end how to deal with? Granite used to make mechanism sand available? What sand making machine is good?

I. Granite to do mechanism sand available?

The mechanism sand is processed by sand making equipment and other equipment inter-configuration of sand, and with the restriction of natural sand mining, sand market in short supply, mechanism sand has gradually become the construction, roads and bridges and other major areas of the "favorite", inadvertently also led to a new investment boom.

There are many raw materials of mechanism sand, like the more common river pebbles, granite, lapis lazuli and other rocks of different hardness can be used to process and produce mechanism sand, the usual way of handling granite slag waste is open pile or landfill, over time the problem comes out, its pile and landfill occupy a lot of land at the same time in the process of transport and pile also caused dust, rain wastewater, etc. environmental problems.

The sand can be widely used in real estate, water conservancy and railroad construction, which can solve the problem and also follow the national sustainable development policy. It is the best of both worlds.

Granite crushing and sand making

Granite crushing and sand making

II. What equipment is needed to make granite into mechanical sand? Only choose the right not expensive

In the production of sand, the mechanism of sand production line configuration is diverse, according to the different needs of users, configure a more suitable production program. We also mentioned earlier that granite has hard texture and good wear resistance, so it is important to choose the right equipment, the complete production line is composed of feeding, coarse crushing, fine crushing, sand making, screening, sand washing and conveying, the following is to introduce the production process of granite sand making and the main sand making equipment.

1、Vibrating feeder: The feeder can effectively control the speed of granite transportation, granite is quantitatively and evenly transported to the jaw crusher by the vibrating feeder for coarse crushing;

2、Jaw crusher: one of the common equipment in coarse crushing stage, with high processing efficiency, special structure, sturdy and durable, stable and reliable operation, the hourly output can reach 1-2200t/h. After the granite is transported to the jaw crusher, the granite is crushed by the jaw crusher, and the large granite is crushed into small and medium granite stones;

3、Cone crusher: using the principle of laminated crushing to crush the material, with high crushing efficiency and low wear and tear of wearing parts. After crushing, the finished product is cubic, with high content of fine grains. The granite stones crushed by the jaw crusher are sent to the cone crusher by belt conveyor for medium and fine crushing, and the small stones after fine crushing are sent to the sand making machine for sand making;

4、Sand making machine: optimize the structure of crushing cavity, can realize the stone hitting stone and stone hitting iron two kinds of crushing mode of rapid conversion, sand grain shape is more excellent, is round body shape, with angle, the equipment is hydraulic opening cover, operation and maintenance is more convenient, the overall design is inclined to humane, sand making machine will crush the stone after crushing machine for further crushing, molding, processing into finished mechanism sand, and then by vibrating screen for mechanism sand screening, will The sand that does not meet the particle size requirements will be returned to the sand making machine for sand making, and the sand that meets the particle size requirements will be sent to the sand washing machine for cleaning;

5、Sand washing machine: simple structure, low failure rate, easy maintenance, both cleaning, dewatering and grading three functions. Large processing capacity, high washing degree, low water consumption, low power consumption, less loss of fine sand and stone powder. The crushed granite mechanism sand is sent into the sand washing machine for the final cleaning process, which cleans the excess stone powder, soil, dust and other impurities on the surface of the mechanism sand to get clean and high quality mechanism sand.

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