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Cone breakers common causes of failure and maintenance considerations

zkj/ Release time : 2023-07-03

As a very common crusher equipment, cone crusher is generally used in mining and sand production, which has the characteristics of high crushing force and strong and durable. Due to the long-term high-intensity operation, so the cone crusher may also have some faults, which lead to production line stoppage and affect the efficiency of users. Therefore, a reasonable handling of these faults is necessary to ensure the normal operation of cone crusher.

What are the common failures and maintenance methods of cone crusher?

cone crusher

cone crusher

It should be equipped with iron removal device to prevent the crushing chamber from over-iron. If over-iron is often, it may lead to shaft breakage accident. The crushing ratio distribution in the production line should be reasonable to maximize the efficiency of the crusher. Full load production, otherwise the product size is too thick. The spring pressure should not be too tight, too much pressure will also lead to shaft breakage accident, too little pressure spring will jump frequently, which will affect the normal work of crusher and thicken the product size. The feed material should not be too wet and too sticky, and the fines should not be too much or too big, otherwise it will lead to bogging. The accumulation of crusher outlet will also lead to bogging. The temperature of lubricating oil should not be too high or too low, otherwise it will affect the operation of the machine. The installation of drive belt should not be too tight, otherwise it will lead to inflexible rotation of drive shaft or breakage; it should not be too loose, otherwise it will lead to crusher bogging down. Lubricating oil should be changed frequently, not too dirty, too dirty will accelerate the wear of gears, bowl tiles, bushings, etc., and even make the bushings die.

Daily maintenance of cone crusher

Check the operation of oil pump, filter, cooler, valve and pipe, oil pressure and oil temperature as well as thin oil lubrication system frequently. Check the drainage of the dustproof device regularly. Regularly check the thickness of the thrust disc and adjust the meshing gap of the cone crusher cone wheel in time to ensure that the gap is within the specified range. Regularly check the wear of the liner, fasteners, bolts or zinc alloy. The user must comply with the rules of marking operation as specified in the crusher start-stop procedure.

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