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LM vertical mill in the operation process of the temperature is too high to bring what adverse effects? What are the solutions?

fxy/ Release time : 2023-07-06

Vertical mill in the process of operation will always occur in a variety of unexpected situations, the face of the unexpected situation only timely solution to reduce the loss of downtime, to ensure the normal operation of the vertical mill is a production process and an important thing, such as the mill high temperature shutdown.

LM Vertical Mill

LM Vertical Mill

Common mill high temperature shutdown because of the long-term operation of the machine, resulting in the vertical mill friction heating and thus a high temperature situation, at this time the fan and motor will also appear to varying degrees of heat phenomenon and bearing temperature is too high, in the case of the above, the first step is to find the reason for the high temperature, to be able to develop a corresponding solution.

From two aspects to understand the adverse effects of high temperature.

1, from the machine itself, for the vertical mill in the operation process encountered when the phenomenon of grinding stop, the temperature difference on the mill body will produce obvious thermal effects, such as thermal stress and thermal deformation, sometimes causing damage to the mill devices, such as geometric deformation of the liner plate, bolt fracture and other situations, the heat transfer to the main bearing, will lead to the difficulty of overhaul.

2, from the processing process, the ease of grinding of materials due to the temperature of the mill and reduce the difficulty of grinding, because of the rise in temperature, will lead to tiny particles rubbing against each other to produce electrostatic adsorption phenomenon, adsorption in the grinding cavity, the formation of a buffer layer, reducing the effect of grinding, the higher the temperature of this phenomenon of powder condensation more serious.

What are the solutions in the face of high grinding powder temperature?

1, whether the distributor pipeline is clean and free of foreign matter, and whether the viscosity and grade of the oil meet the requirements.

2, the vertical grinding roller device into the powder bearing at the oil in accordance with the provisions of the timely refueling, cleaning on time, remove and replace the oil seal.

3、The bearings of the grinding roller and grinding ring should be added with lubricant on time.

4, vertical mill bearing room temperature can not be higher than 70 ℃, if the bearing temperature is too high, to immediately unload the clean bearing and bearing room and other accessories each clean once.

5, the key factor of fan heating may be caused by high wind pressure, many times people in manufacturing will unconsciously touch the fan equipment, so that the fan wind pressure changes cause the motor to heat up.

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