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Is there any difference between a grinding mill handling rock materials and ore materials?

fxy/ Release time : 2023-02-22

What is the difference between a grinding mill that can handle not only rock materials but also ore materials? What is the difference between the two? What is the choice of grinding mill when grinding two kinds of materials?



Rocks are formed by the fusion, cementation, and bonding of multiple minerals and can usually be classified as: magmatic, metamorphic, or sedimentary rocks. Rocks are harder and are distributed on the earth in their natural form, with different colors, hardness, and whether the surface is patterned, smooth or rough, and so on. The crushing of materials by sand and gravel mill: the raw materials in the ore are generally large, and the feed opening of the mill is also limited, in general, the ore should be crushed first, and then crushed to reach the feed size of the grinding equipment.

The ore is extracted from the ore body, the minerals used to extract useful ingredients are mainly metal minerals, while the minerals used directly for materials or for other products are mostly non-metallic ores. The whole grinding production line of European version mill adopts closed structure and is equipped with pulse dust collector, etc. The production site has small dust and low noise, which is a better machine for grinding ore in the current grinding equipment.

When choosing the mill model, it depends on the product shipment and fineness. If the particle size of the grinding material is smaller, the lower the production efficiency will be, because the smaller the particle size of the grinding material is, the longer the grinding time required will be. The vertical mill is used to make cement clinker from calcium carbide slag, so it can consume a large amount of waste material every year. Various industrial wastes produced by upstream enterprises, such as calcium carbide slag, fly ash, furnace slag, desulfurization ash, steel slag, copper slag, etc., are comprehensively utilized.

In today's grinding machine market, there are just a lot of types of large ore mills, with different quality, production capacity, etc. However, the choice of grinding equipment is crucial to the powder processing enterprises, if the larger the particle size of the grinding, then the greater the output will be, Liming Heavy Industry provides micro powder making equipment for the majority of customers to choose.

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