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Quartz stone sand making process flow, configure the production program of the manufacturers where

zkj/ Release time : 2023-07-12

Quartz sand is a non-metallic mineral with a milky white or colorless translucent color, which is made of quartz particles through crushing. This stone is wear-resistant, hard, stable and has good fire resistance. It is widely used in casting, glass, ceramics and fireproofing materials, etc. It also plays an important role in the fields of aviation, aerospace, electronics and machinery due to its characteristics. Quartz sand production line, is a kind of manufacturing artificial sand, quartz sand is a kind of sand and gravel made of natural quartz ore, after crushing, screening, sand making, washing and other processes. Then configure a set of quartz sand production line need to use what equipment? Choose that manufacturer is better?

A complete set of quartz sand production line is composed of feeding equipment, coarse crushing equipment, fine crushing equipment, sand making equipment, screening equipment and washing equipment, in order to produce high-quality quartz sand. The main equipment is coarse crushing equipment, fine crushing equipment and sand making equipment. Coarse crushing equipment is generally used jaw crusher, fine crushing equipment is used cone crusher, or add impact crusher to make the crushing granularity is finer, and finally the sand making machine, sand shaping.

quartz stone sand making machine

quartz stone sand making machine

The whole sand making process is firstly, the quartz ore is fed evenly by the vibrating feeder and conveyed to the jaw crusher for coarse crushing, which crushes the large quartz ore to the required granularity. Secondly, the roughly crushed quartz ore is screened by vibrating screen and then conveyed by conveyor to impact crusher for medium and fine crushing process. Then the crushed quartz ore will be sent to the sand making machine for sand making and shaping processing to process the quartz sand that meets the requirements. Finally, it will be sent to the sand washing machine to wash away the dust and impurities to get clean and high quality quartz sand.

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