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How should we choose mechanical equipment for vermiculite grinding?

fxy/ Release time : 2023-07-12

Vermiculite is a layered silicate mineral, rich in magnesium and iron. The raw vermiculite ore resembles mica on the outside and is mainly formed from black (gold) mica by hydrothermal alteration or weathering.



1、Crushing: The large vermiculite is firstly crushed by the fine jaw crusher (generally within the range of 5-20mm), and then fed into the silo by the bucket elevator from bottom to top for use.

2、Grinding: The crushed vermiculite materials in the silo are evenly and orderly fed into the main machine (MTW series European mill) by electromagnetic feeder for grinding, as the core equipment of the production line, its advantage lies in high yield, safety and reliability.

3、Selecting Powder (Collecting): The vermiculite after grinding is fully selected by the powder selecting machine, and the vermiculite powder with suitable fineness will enter into the finished product silo through the pipeline device, and is directly packed and collected by the same powder loading tanker.

The vermiculite powder processed by milling can be adjusted between 80-325 mesh according to the need, and is applied in many fields such as chemical industry, horticulture, refrigerant, fire extinguishing agent, automobiles, airplanes, paints, outdoor advertisements, filters and so on, respectively, which is a promising investment project.

MTW European mill adopts a number of patented technologies, such as bevel gear integral drive, internal thin oil lubrication system, arc air duct, etc. With high grinding efficiency, it is the replacement of traditional Raymond mill and pendulum mill, and is widely used in the fields of desulfurization of power plants, powdering of large non-metallic minerals, and building materials and chemical industry.

The qualified materials after crushing are fed into the grinding chamber of the main machine through the frequency conversion belt feeder for grinding in a uniform and quantitative continuous manner. After grinding, the materials are sent into the powder selector by the airflow of the fan for classification. Under the action of the analyzer, the materials that do not meet the requirements of fineness will fall into the grinding chamber to be regrinded, and the qualified materials will enter into the cyclone collector with the airflow through the pipeline to be separated and collected, and then discharged through the discharge device, which is the finished product powder. The separated airflow enters into the fan through the return air pipe at the upper end of the cyclone powder collector. The system operates under positive and negative pressure, and the equipment is equipped with pulse dust collector, which is environmentally friendly.

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