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What are the effects of damage to grinding equipment grinding rollers and rings? How to maintain the grinding equipment?

fxy/ Release time : 2023-07-14

Wear can be divided into mechanical damage, fatigue damage, thermal damage and chemical damage. For example, mechanical damage is caused by the sharp points on the surface of the material to be ground to make the local stress concentration of the grinding roller, causing strong tearing and cutting. And fatigue damage, due to Raymond mill grinding roller and grinding ring surface layer for a long time repeated deformation of the applied wear, belongs to the low intensity wear.

1, may increase the grinding difficulty of the mill on the material, reduce the efficiency of the equipment; serious cases may lead to insufficient grinding of the material, is the fineness of the discharged material can not meet the requirements.

2, the grinding rollers grinding ring damage will lead to its material productivity reduction, higher electricity costs.

3, nature in most of the ore hardness is on the hard side, if in the case of damage to the grinding rollers grinding ring, for the hardness of the material is more difficult to make it grind into powder, the output will be lower and lower.

4, grinding rolls grinding ring damage, the whole machine operation processing is the indicators are not able to meet the standard production in accordance with the planned value, there may be coarse powder phenomenon, or grinding unqualified powder and powder mixed together, can not be sorted out, will affect the subsequent use of the finished product.

After understanding the adverse consequences of the above, then how to maintain the normal operation of the grinding equipment has become a problem we need to solve. The following editorial summarizes a few maintenance methods to share with you.

1, the grinding rollers need to be checked after loading the machine tool, carefully checked before use, to exclude hidden dangers and possible failures.

2, do a good job before starting the machine should be done: machine tool should be observed before starting the machine tool around and up and down there is no undue objects, check the machine tool guide rail exposed guide surface whether there is dirt, check the handle and hit the location of the block is appropriate and firm.

3, pay attention to the grinding roller grinding dust elimination problem: grinding roller grinding will produce a lot of dust and fine iron filings, should be taken in a timely manner to take practical measures to eliminate, otherwise not only pollute the environment, but also shorten the service life of the machine tool rails and transmission components.

4, thorough separation, and if the raw materials mixed with foreign matter for iron and so on, will cause serious damage to the internal structure of the mill, triggering unexpected failure.

Grinding roller and grinding ring as the main wear parts of the mill when the grinding roller grinding ring wear serious need to change processing. When changing the first left side of the shield, triangle belt, and roller shaft on the duplex pulley, and then remove the right side of the body of the gear and the size of the gear, and then pull down the lever spring assembly, go down to the mill door, remove the left and right, before and after the four bearing seat assembly, then you can gently take out by the mill door to go to the mill rollers.

Damaged parts

Damaged parts

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