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The use of belt conveyor on sand and gravel production line, the use of belt conveyor precautions

zkj/ Release time : 2023-02-23

Although the conveyor is small, but the use is very wide. The pursuit of quality, not has been produced and production, said moving conveyor, we all know that the conveyor belt has continuous, safe operation, easy to use, low freight, easy maintenance, and save time and effort, thus reducing the cost of the project. It forms a rhythmic workflow and is used in various enterprises of modern industry.

How to choose a conveyor.

Knowing the size of the material to be conveyed helps to help choose which conveyor to use. There are generally no restrictions on belt conveyors. According to the efficiency, investment, maintenance and other more suitable types of equipment, you also need to determine the conveying target, conveying methods and processing materials, etc., to collect relevant data more comparison. In various situations, we compare the conveying distance, height and conveying capacity, depending on the abrasiveness of the material. Conveyor as the main equipment for conveying materials and loading and unloading, can be widely used in building materials, metallurgy, mining and other places can see these places are used in large quantities.

Belt Conveyor

Belt Conveyor

Conveyor characteristics and advantages.

Conveyor is mainly divided into the following categories: belt conveyor, chain conveyor, roller conveyor, screw conveyor. He is characterized by a long service life, practicality, maintenance, wear resistance, and low noise to convey materials with high temperature. Its structure is simple, the delivery mode is various can be horizontal, inclined and vertical transportation, also can form space conveying line, the application is very wide. Low energy consumption, good efficiency, reliable and safe operation, small footprint, is the best choice for customers.

Conveyor safety matters and maintenance.

1. Avoid the conveyor belt load at the beginning of operation

2. If the conveyor belt deviation occurs, it should be corrected in time and should not be used reluctantly

3. Need to pay full attention to when the belt speed is too high will cause power increase, wear and tear increase

4. When the sweeper cleans the belt, the pressure applied on the belt is not uniform, one side is big and the other side is small, which will cause the tension on both sides of the belt to be unequal and run off.

5. In order to prevent the belt conveyor belt from deviating, measures should be taken from the design, manufacture, installation, maintenance, etc.

6. Check the transmission sprocket, bearing seat, etc. for any abnormalities.

7. Check whether each part is normal, and whether the belt is slack and slippery and deviates.

8. Do not start after loading, the equipment should be no-load start

9. Need to install the conveyor in accordance with the regulations, do not modify the use of private

10. Keep the belt clean, pay attention to the tension of the belt, and check the fasteners regularly to make sure there is no loosening.

11. After work, the conveyor equipment should be fully inspected, cleaned and wiped, and cleaned up the work site

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