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Processing bentonite ore how to choose the mill? What do I need to pay attention to?

fxy/ Release time : 2023-08-03

Bentonite is a kind of natural non-metallic material with layered montmorillonite as the main component, because of its excellent physical properties, can be used as adhesives, stabilizers, fillers, feed, catalysts and so on. Bentonite only after crushing and grinding to be able to play its own maximum value, usually used in the crushing tools are jaw crusher and hammer crusher, and grinding equipment used for vertical mill. Accompanied by the development of bentonite market prospects, bentonite milling equipment technology is also constantly improving, the application prospects are very broad, in agriculture, light industry, pharmaceuticals and other fields are involved. So, in the face of a wide variety of grinding equipment on the market, how should we pick out a bentonite mill for ourselves? I will take you to understand.

In the formal bentonite project before production, first of all, to seriously analyze their actual needs, such as the product in and out of the material size requirements, grinding time control, grinding output standards, workshop motor power consumption and so on need to be fully taken into account. Recognition of their actual needs enough in place after targeted to the mill manufacturers to consult, understand the performance difference between the various models of mill, choose the most suitable for their mill equipment. I put forward the following four purchase suggestions:

1, in the purchase of bentonite grinding equipment, must give priority to the scale, large, solid strength of the manufacturer, I recommend Liming Heavy Industry Science and Technology Co., Ltd., the production of vertical mill quality and reliable, timely response.

Liming Heavy Industry headquarters building

Liming Heavy Industry headquarters building

2, to fully understand the basic performance of the mill, wear and tear more parts of the selection of materials, whether the mill parts for the original genuine, only then can maximize the performance of the mill, while we also need to pay attention to the installation of different mills between the matters, calculate the most appropriate investment program.

3, the project put into operation in the process, customers pay more attention to the price of investment, its price is closely related to the performance of the equipment, to understand the difference between the price of each of which is reflected in which aspects.

4, there are all kinds of large machinery companies on the market, many companies in order to recruit customers, will report lower prices than the market, in the procurement process, pay more attention, it is best to go to the company's production workshop to turn around, to see the company's production capacity, as well as the use of equipment purchases are brand new equipment, to protect their own rights and interests, it is recommended to choose a large-scale manufacturers! --LIMING Heavy Industry Technology Co., LIMING Heavy Industry Technology can stand the test of customers, welcome to visit by appointment!

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