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Mill in the choice of dust removal equipment need to pay attention to what matters?

fxy/ Release time : 2023-08-05

A complete milling production line can not be separated from the core machine - milling machine, it is an indispensable part of the entire production process, in order to complete the work of high-quality milling, you need to match the auxiliary machinery to jointly realize the production. Especially the role brought by the dust removal device, I mainly analyze today for the big notes on the dust collector.

Mill dust production line

Mill dust production line

1, dust concentration

Dust concentration has a very important impact on the dust removal effect of the dust removal device, in the selection of dust removal device, should take into account the comprehensive stacking density of the dust collector, in order to enable the dust collector to give full play to its own capacity, the dust collector must be adjusted appropriately to the mode of operation and structure.

2、Dispersion of dust

As the mill working environment is different, will also have a certain impact on the performance of the dust collector, so in the choice of mill dust collector should also pay attention to the degree of dispersion of dust, when the diameter of the dust particles is greater than 10 microns, you can consider the use of cyclone dust collector and bag dust collector.

In conclusion, the impact of mill dust collector performance unit for a variety of reasons, we need to solve the problem in conjunction with the actual production situation, such as the user's working environment, as well as the performance characteristics of the dust collector for comprehensive consideration, to make the right choice. If you need, you can consult by phone or online or leave a message, we will have a specialized staff to answer for you.

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