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What are the advantages of equipment suitable for limestone grinding?

fxy/ Release time : 2023-08-10

Limestone is a kind of nonmetallic mineral most common in nature, widely distributed in the world with large reserves. Limestone special grinding machine is a kind of equipment used to process limestone powder, what are its types and technical features?

Limestone is mainly calcium carbonate, grayish white or light greenish gray, its calcium content and whiteness are lower than calcite or marble, so it is seldom used to grind calcium. Of course, limestone has a wide range of uses. Limestone is beaten into sand, which can be used as both construction aggregate and iron and steel smelting, and limestone is ground into powder, which can be used as both asphalt mixing plant and concrete mixing plant, as desulfurization of power plant, as calcium source in feed, and as deep processing of lime.

Among the nonmetallic minerals, limestone mill is a special kind of mill and a commonly used mill. Today we will introduce the vertical mill in detail, which is also a special kind of limestone grinding mill most used nowadays. Liming Heavy Industry Vertical Mill is a kind of special limestone grinding mill with stable performance, high efficiency and energy saving, which is based on the maturity of vertical mill technology, combined with the successful experience of foreign countries and the technological innovation of our company, and developed a kind of energy-saving mill, which can increase the output, improve the environmental friendliness, and facilitate the maintenance in the later stage, which can ensure the success and high efficiency of the limestone grinding project.

LM Vertical Mill

LM Vertical Mill

At present, Liming Heavy Industry vertical mill equipment has been widely used at home and abroad and has gained market recognition. Among them, the most popular models are LM1300K, LM1700K, LM2400K, etc. Meanwhile, LM3700K, an oversized vertical mill, is also introduced, whose one output is equivalent to that of several small machines, which can greatly save labor cost and maintenance cost. So choosing Liming Heavy Industry is the right choice.

So what is the price of a special kind of limestone grinding mill? It depends on the scale of the project, that is, the production capacity and the requirements of the equipment, the price of imported motors and domestic motors.

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