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What kind of degree can be achieved by using ultrafine vertical mill to grind kaolin, and how much output can be achieved?

fxy/ Release time : 2023-08-11

Kaolin belongs to a common metal minerals, mainly used in ceramics, paper, rubber, refractory materials industry, the scope of application is very wide, kaolin ultrafine vertical mill is a kind of equipment specialized in kaolin fine powder processing, then the ultrafine vertical mill can grind out the degree of grinding it, and how much its hourly production capacity can be reached? I will bring you to understand.

Kaolin ultrafine vertical mill

Kaolin ultrafine vertical mill

Kaolin is a clay from Jingdezhen, Jiangxi Province, which can also be called "pottery clay", is an important raw material for the pottery industry, and at the same time, other kinds of kaolinite have been found in the region, such as coal kaolin in the northern coal-producing areas, and kaolin in the south can be washed, and so on. Coal kaolin is composed of kaolinite, which contains a large amount of aluminum and a small amount of silica, and can be transformed into kaolin at high temperatures, so it is also known as wrought kaolin. Washed kaolin is a kaolin product obtained by washing, pressing, filtering and other physical means using natural kaolin ores, and its whiteness is inferior to that of wrought kaolin.

Kaolin large-scale ultrafine pulverizing equipment can pulverize kaolin powder of 80~1500 mesh and adjust the fineness by adjusting the grading system. Ordinary kaolin, most of them are 325 mesh fineness, and some of them even reach 1250 mesh, which is produced by ultrafine vertical mill. In terms of capacity, it is applicable from 1 ton to 50 tons, and is tailor-made by professional technicians who provide appropriate model suggestions according to the needs.

Liming Heavy Industry is a professional supplier of large-scale ultrafine crushing equipment for kaolin, and has joined hands with famous kaolin factories in China to create several successful production lines. Liming LUM series ultrafine vertical mill is an excellent representative of kaolin large-scale ultrafine grinding, which not only has good stability and large processing capacity, but also has the characteristics of environmental protection, energy saving, wear-resisting and durability. As a strong dry mill equipment manufacturer, Liming Heavy Industry can provide users with "one-stop" mill configuration services, not only from project planning to equipment selection, but also from the installation of the project, commissioning, training, answering questions, spare parts, maintenance and so on, to ensure that the kaolin project operates normally and effectively.

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