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Phosphogypsum to achieve resource reuse can be applied to what areas?

fxy/ Release time : 2023-08-15

China's phosphate fertilizer industry is developing rapidly, has become the world's largest phosphate fertilizer producer, but in Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan, Hubei and other places, the resource utilization of phosphogypsum has made great progress under the double pressure of environmental protection and economic cost increase, and has formed a multi-way, multi-field industrial pattern. As an apatite grinding mill manufacturer, I will introduce you to the regeneration and utilization methods of apatite.

At present, the resourceization of phosphogypsum is mainly carried out from the aspect of building materials and cement.

Research on formulating cementitious materials with phosphogypsum

In cement, phosphogypsum can replace natural gypsum as a retarder. In the process of cement hydration, the dissolved SO in phosphogypsum reacts with hydrated calcium aluminate to form polysulfide-type hydrated calcium sulfoaluminate, and this precipitation will be adsorbed on the surface of cement clinker particles, reducing the contact area between water and clinker, delaying the hydration process of cement, and thus achieving the purpose of retardation.

Using apatite to make mortar

Apatite brick is a new type of building material formed by taking apatite as the main body and adding lightweight aggregate, filler, fiber reinforcement and foaming agent as auxiliary materials. Apatite bricks can be divided into two categories of high strength and low strength according to their compressive strength, which is a method of comprehensive utilization of apatite.

Apatite production of sulfuric acid a kind of joint cement, phosphogypsum for resource utilization of a proven method is the production of sulfuric acid joint cement, the phosphogypsum in the case of higher temperature decomposition into SO2 and CaO, and then the SO2 will be collected for the production of sulfuric acid, CaO can be used as a raw material for the production of cement, and phosphogypsum can be used as a raw material for the production of cement. Phosphogypsum production of sulfuric acid cement is a renewable energy source. In the process of preparing sulfuric acid cogeneration cement, a large amount of phosphogypsum is needed, so that not only a large amount of phosphogypsum can be eliminated, but also a large amount of phosphogypsum can be piled up, and the problem of phosphogypsum's pollution to the environment can be solved.

Liming Heavy Industry Zhengzhou Headquarters

Liming Heavy Industry Zhengzhou Headquarters

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