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Manganese carbonate ore pulverizer which mill to choose?

fxy/ Release time : 2023-08-16

Manganese is an element widely present in nature, which is mainly endowed on the earth's surface in the form of carbonates, oxides and silicates. In the development process of modern society, manganese and its compounds, as an important industrial raw material, have been more and more widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, light industry, medicine, machinery, national defense, communication, agriculture and other industries. Therefore, how should we choose the grinding equipment for manganese carbonate ore?

In our country, the technology of using manganese carbonate ore to prepare electrolytic manganese metal has been developed for many years, and now it has formed a more mature production process, which firstly utilizes manganese carbonate ore grinding equipment to grind manganese carbonate ore, and then passes through the liquid making, leaching, purification, electrolysis, passivation washing, drying stripping and packaging.

At present, the grinding technology of manganese carbonate ore mainly has two kinds of dry method and wet method. Wet ball milling can be chosen, its advantages are: good adaptability to raw materials, high production efficiency, suitable for large-scale powder processing projects; its shortcomings are: energy consumption, and bulky equipment, noise, product particle size is difficult to accurately control. As it is difficult to accurately measure the required substance, it makes it difficult to maintain the stability of the subsequent continuous leaching process; in addition, the restriction on the unit consumption of new water in China's manganese electrolysis industry has limited the development of wet grinding. Instead, dry milling is used, which has the advantages of: mature technology, short process, simple structure, and easy to control the subsequent continuous leaching process; disadvantages are: in the production process, it will cause dust pollution; when the moisture content of raw materials is too high, in order to ensure the normal production, it is necessary to install additional hot air system. At present, dry grinding technology is commonly used in the manganese electrolysis industry.

In the manganese carbonate ore grinding device, the material is mainly subjected to grinding by the grinding rollers, and at the same time, due to the difference in rotational speeds of the grinding rollers and the rotation of the grinding discs, shear crushing of the material is generated; said is that said centrifugal force generated by said rotating disc causes said material supplied to the center of said grinding disc to move along said circumference, said circumference moving into the raceway between said grinding wheels and said discs, and said grinding rollers are in said raceway said material is subjected to said water pressure means and said pressure means which crushes said material, said crushed material continuing to move to the rim of said grinding disk and overflowing from said retaining ring on said rim of said grinding disk; and at the same time a stream of hot air is sprayed upwardly at a very high rate from ring nozzles all around the grinding disk, which suspends and dries the material, blowing the coarser material back into the disk to be again crushed, while the finer powders are With the hot air into the upper separator for separation, finally, qualified fine powder with a certain particle size will overflow from the top of the mill with the airflow into the dust collector for air-powder separation, so as to get qualified ore powder; the coarse powder will be sent back to the pulverizer, and then added to the raw materials for grinding. Adjusting the temperature and air volume of the hot air can dry the materials with different humidity; adopting the frequency converter of the motor of the sorting machine can adjust the particle size of the materials to be ground.

LM Vertical Mill

LM Vertical Mill

LM Vertical Mill is a new type of milling equipment which integrates crushing, drying, grinding, conveying and dust collection in one machine, and it is characterized by: large production capacity, high crushing efficiency, accurate classification, and it is a kind of milling equipment suitable for manganese carbonate ore.

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