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How is the process of fluorite powder production completed?

fxy/ Release time : 2023-09-04

Processing equipment for fluorite, Fluorite is ground and usually forms lumps, grains, or cubic and octahedral aggregates. Fluorite processed by grinding equipment can be used as flux and slag remover in smelting industry, and also as raw material for manufacturing artificial cryolite.

Currently commonly used Raymond mill, vertical mill, ultrafine mill and other grinding equipment, are used in the production and processing of fluorite, is a new type of grinding equipment after years of development, advanced technology, mature and reliable. It is a high-quality fluorite powder processing equipment with various grinding assembly line and simple process, which makes the operation cost objectively save greatly.

Fluorspar Powder Processing Line

Fluorspar Powder Processing Line

Steps of production process:

Fluorspar → Jaw Crusher → Bucket Elevator → Electromagnetic Vibrating Feeder → Raymond Mill → Powder Separator → Dust Collector → Finished Fluorspar Powder

After the large fluorite is processed into the required particle size by jaw crusher, it is transported to the silo by elevator, and then continuously and evenly transported to the dolomite mill by oscillating feeding device, and then blown by blower to the classifier, and then classified by classifier, and then blown by air into the large cyclone collector, which separates and collects, and finally discharged through the discharge pipeline, which is the final finished product.

Fluorite powdering process and equipment advantages: the use of ultra-fine layered self-grinding, with ultra-fine layered self-grinding, so that the crushing process to achieve the purpose of "more crushing and less grinding", so that the crushing process to save 60% of the power, greatly reducing the production cost. In the flotation process, the use of full cross-section air uplift microbubble flotation machine, can save 60% of the energy, while reducing the use of 20% of the chemicals, and can increase the recovery rate of 1% -5%. Introducing the tailings dry discharge process into it can realize the recycling of tailings return water, thus reducing the cost of water use, and also reduce the discharge of wastewater, thus reducing the harm to the environment during the normal production of the mine.

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