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What should be considered for ultrafine powder making machine?

fxy/ Release time : 2023-09-08

A complete grinding production line, the mill is the core of the production line, but also an indispensable part, in order to better complete the grinding work, there must be other auxiliary equipment, and the dust removal device is an essential part. About the choice of dust collector, we should pay attention to some issues, the following is about the ultra-fine powder mill should pay attention to when choosing.

1、Dust density

Dust concentration has a great influence on the dust removal effect of the dust collector, therefore, when selecting the dust collector, the accumulation concentration of the dust collector should be taken into account. In order to give full play to its dust removal effect, its operation mode and structure must be adjusted appropriately.

2, the dispersion of dust

Due to the different working environments in which the ultrafine grinding mill is located, it will also have different effects on the dust removal effect. Therefore, when we choose the mill vacuum cleaner, we also need to figure out the degree of dust dispersion. When the diameter of the dust particles is larger than 10 microns, a cyclone dust collector can be selected. Any smaller, you can choose the bag type dust collector and so on.

3, the adhesion of dust

Ultrafine grinding in the grinding process, if there is a high moisture content of the material, it will be possible to cause dust adhesion, in general, the smaller the diameter of the particles the larger the area, the higher the moisture content of the dust, the higher the degree of adhesion. Therefore, in the grinding production line, usually can choose cyclone dust collector and bag dust collector.

Ultra-fine vertical mill

Ultra-fine vertical mill

In short, the choice of dust removal of the mill has a variety of influences, we have to combine the actual situation, such as the user's working environment, as well as the performance characteristics of the dust collector to synthesize and make the right choice.

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