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What are the advantages of natural graphite ultrafine grinding?

fxy/ Release time : 2023-09-11

Natural graphite ultrafine mill belongs to a kind of fine powder and ultrafine powder crushing and processing equipment, which is characterized by small footprint, low one-time investment, arbitrary adjustment of the finished product size, guaranteed quality, and stable output of mineral powder grinding equipment. It can be used for ultra-fine pulverization of limestone, barite, calcite, kaolin, chlorite, graphite and so on. It is widely used in paper making, plastic, paint, rubber, chemical and other industries.

Natural Graphite Ultra Fine Grinding Mill

Natural Graphite Ultra Fine Grinding Mill

Natural graphite ultrafine mill is a kind of equipment integrating crushing, drying, grinding, grading and conveying, with simple process, compact structural arrangement, occupying an area of only 50% of that of the ball mill, which can be carried out outdoors at a low cost, directly reducing the investment cost. The device adopts programmable controller to realize automation, can realize remote control, easy operation, convenient maintenance, save manpower. One time processing capacity is large, 50 tons per hour, 5 ultra-fine powder mills. It can utilize the electric energy at low voltage, and save 30%-50% energy consumption at the same fineness, which is more environmental friendly and energy saving.

Many customers prefer to use natural graphite micropowder, the reason is because the replacement rate of easy to wear parts of micropowder vertical micropowder equipment is low. The multi-head sorter adopts PLC automatic control, and the particle size of the sorted powder after sorting ranges from 3 microns to 22 microns, which can sort out all the sorted powder that meets the requirements. The resulting product has uniform particle size, high classification accuracy, screening efficiency of more than 99%, and the particle size can be adjusted according to the needs.

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