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Process design of calcium carbonate from calcium carbide slag

fxy/ Release time : 2023-09-13

The main component of calcium carbide slag is CaO, which accounts for more than 50% of CaO, and there are also a small amount of MgO, Al, Fe, SiO2 and so on. At present, calcium carbide slag is mainly used for the production of cement, building materials, etc., and its effective components have not been fully utilized. Shuguang Heavy Industry Company is a calcium carbide slag grinding company, its products are widely used in the comprehensive utilization of calcium carbide slag project, now on the calcium carbonate prepared from calcium carbide slag process program for a brief description.

Calcium carbide slag is produced by calcium carbide PVC and vinyl acetate. 1.45 tons of calcium carbide is consumed for the production of PVC, and the hydrolysis amount of calcium carbide is 1 ton, therefore, more than 2 tons of calcium carbide slag needs to be discharged for the production of PVC. The quantity of calcium carbide slag is large, with high alkali content, containing sulfur, arsenic and other harmful substances, and its direct discharge without treatment will cause siltation of the river, resulting in siltation of the river and posing a threat to aquaculture. If it is piled on the ground, it will occupy a large amount of land and pollute the environment.

Liming Heavy Industry Production Site

Liming Heavy Industry Production Site

This project for the current situation of calcium carbide slag resource utilization, put forward a calcium carbide slag preparation of calcium carbonate of the new process, can realize the calcium of calcium in calcium carbide slag in the efficient extraction, for the industrialization of calcium carbide slag utilization to open up a new way, and the process is simple, small investment in equipment, has a good value of promotion. Calcium carbonate from calcium carbide calcium carbide slag process design process: the calcium carbide slag grinding into 80-100 purposes of coarse powder, into the reactor, and water for adequate mixing, after which, in the reactor to add excessive hydrochloric acid, calcium carbide slag in the oxides into soluble chlorides, and then filter the reaction product, filtrate, filtrate also contains a small amount of aluminum chloride and ferric chloride; will be calcium chloride as the main component of the filtrate with the The main component of the filtrate is calcium chloride and excess carbonic acid solution reaction, calcium ions and carbonate ions combined, the formation of calcium carbonate and precipitation, after filtration, you can get calcium carbonate filter cake, calcium carbonate filter cake after drying, crushing, you can get pure calcium carbonate products.

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