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Aluminum electrolyte grinding equipment performance advantages

fxy/ Release time : 2023-09-13

Because the current electrolyte grinding equipment does not meet the standard grinding processing particle size, resulting in the backlog of electrolyte blocks can not be used in the normal production tank, resulting in the accumulation of more and more electrolyte blocks, therefore, you can add an electrolyte grinding equipment, the backlog of electrolyte blocks to be ground, the size of the finished particles can reach 80-150 mesh, and then, through the electrolysis tank feeding system, directly into the normal production of electrolysis tank for recycling. Then, through the electrolyzer feeding system, it directly enters into the normal production electrolyzer for recycling.

MTW Trapezium Mill

MTW Trapezium Mill

Thin oil lubrication for smoother transmission operation

The traditional grinding method is grease lubrication, which has problems such as high lubrication resistance, high temperature rise, and short bearing life. MTW European Trapezium Grinding uses a built-in oil pump to lubricate the spindle bearings and bevel gear bearings without the need to add an additional oil pump or lubrication station.

Curved replaceable edge scraper improves work efficiency and saves maintenance costs

Compared with the traditional one-piece scraper, the split scraper blade only needs to be replaced after the blade is worn out, which avoids the waste of material caused by the replacement of the whole scraper, and saves a lot of replacement cost of wearing parts for the users. In addition, by grinding the three parts of the grinding rollers grinding ring on the top, middle and bottom, it makes the grinding process, the material on the surface can be directly ground to the surface, which can ensure the uniformity of the grinding process, and increase the effective working area of the grinding, and improve the efficiency of the grinding.

High-efficiency cage separator, effectively avoiding the generation of "coarse powder".

MTW European trapezium mill is a kind of high-efficiency cage sorting equipment, its flow field is relatively smooth, with high sorting precision, high sorting efficiency and accurate sorting particles. In addition, a pneumatic sealing device is used between the box and the cage rotor, which can effectively prevent "running coarse powder".

Unobstructed air inlet volute structure, smoother tangential airflow, better material flow

Conventional pulverizer air inlet worm shell body door plate protrudes outward, and air inlet worm shell body surface is not in the same plane, prone to vortex phenomenon, increasing the energy consumption of the system.MTW European version of the trapezium mill adopts the inner door surface and the surface of the air inlet worm shell the same curve, which effectively prevents the vortex phenomenon, reduces the air flow and improves the fluidity of the material.

Efficient bevel gear integral drive

MTW type European version trapezium mill is a spiral bevel gear in the form of integral drive, which makes its drive efficiency, floor space and investment cost have been greatly improved.

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