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What are the uses of fluorite powder after processing in fluorite processing equipment?

fxy/ Release time : 2023-09-14

Fluorite is usually found in aggregates of lumps and grains, but can also be found in cubic and octahedral forms. It comes in a wide variety of colors, including purplish red, blue, green, colorless, and more. The ore is transparent and glassy, has a hardness of 4, and has good solubility and rationalization. Fluorite has a wide range of uses in industry. The ore, which has just been mined, must be ground into powder through a grinding device before it can be used in industry, and it also has great uses in the metallurgical industry.

Fluorite can be used as a flux and slag remover in the smelting industry after being processed by the grinding device, and can also be used as a raw material for the manufacture of artificial cryolite, and as a flux for iron and steelmaking and ferroalloys. Cryolite is used as flux for electrolytic aluminum, whitening agent for enamel, opacifier for glass, the main raw material for the production of anhydrous hydrofluoric acid in chemical industry, the basic raw material for fluorine chemical industry (Freon, fluoropolymer, fluorine-containing fine chemicals), and the mineralizing agent for the production of cement clinker in cement industry, which can reduce the sintering temperature, easy to be forged and burned, with a short firing time and energy saving, and it is used for the manufacture of emulsion glass, opaque glass and tinted glass in the glass industry. It is the raw material for making emulsified glass, opaque glass and colored glass in the glass industry. It can also reduce the temperature of glass in melting, improve the melting state and accelerate the melting speed, so it can reduce the consumption of fuel, and in the ceramic industry, in the process of making ceramics and enamels, it is both a kind of important component and an indispensable part in the process of preparing glaze coating.

Fluorspar powder processing equipment

Fluorspar powder processing equipment

At present, there are already Raymond mill, vertical mill, ultrafine mill and other grinding equipment, are in the production and processing of fluorite, after years of research, these grinding equipment technology is advanced, mature and reliable. It has various grinding assembly lines with simple process, which makes the operation cost objectively save greatly, and it is a kind of high-quality fluorite processing equipment.

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