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Types and Working Principle of Coal Pulverizer Mill

fxy/ Release time : 2023-09-15

Coal mill is a machine that grinds coal into powder . It is an important auxiliary machine. Coal mill is the process of grinding coal into fine particles so that its surface area gradually increases. To obtain the new specific surface area, it is necessary to overcome the adhesion forces between solid molecules, which consumes energy. Coal is ground into powder after crushing, pulverizing and grinding processes. Of these processes, the crushing process uses the least amount of energy. Grinding process is the most energy consuming process. Among the different coal grinding processes, they can be categorized into two or three of the above mentioned processes, depending on the type of coal grinding machine.

There are many types of coal mills, which can be categorized into three main types depending on the rotational speed of their working elements: slow, medium and high speed. There are various models such as vertical mill, high pressure suspended roller mill, medium speed microfine mill, super pressure ladder mill, Raymond mill and so on.

Coal Mill

Coal Mill

This paper introduces a new type of coal mill, whose working principle includes four steps: crushing, grinding, classifying and collecting powder. In the crushing process, after the raw ore is crushed by the pulverizer, the raw material enters the grinding roller groove, and under the action of grinding roller force, it is continuously squeezed, ground and shredded. At the nozzle inlet, the high-speed airflow will take the fine-grained material into the air, while the coarse-grained material will be sent to the grinding disk for re-crushing. It can also dry the suspended material, send the fine powder to the classifier for classification, and recycle the powder that meets the requirements to get the finished product. At the same time, the principle of selecting the equipment with quality, power consumption and maintenance cost as the main index is proposed.

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