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What are the advantages of garnet grinding machine?

fxy/ Release time : 2023-09-17

Garnet is not only a precious and fashionable gemstone, but also has great application value in industry. According to its chemical composition, general garnet can be divided into rhodochrosite, ferroaluminum garnet, manganese-aluminum garnet, calcium-iron garnet, calcium-aluminum garnet, calcium-chromium garnet and so on. Garnet mill is one of the most common equipment in this industry, which can process garnet as well as grind many kinds of non-metallic minerals with Moh's hardness lower than 7 and humidity lower than 6%, and it has better product adjustability, which is a better equipment.

The products after grinding through this mill system have a wide range of applications. As a new type of mill, this equipment has carried out greater innovation and reform, including longitudinal pendulum structure, maintenance-free grinding roller assembly, ultra-fine classifier, high efficiency energy-saving dust removal system, easy maintenance transmission system and other technologies, which ensures its high-yield and high efficiency in the milling process.

Garnet Grinding Mill

Garnet Grinding Mill

1.Garnet Grinding Mill Patent 1: Special swinging way, adopting a new kind of plum blossom bracket and swinging rollers, structurally, it ensures the vibration, noise, smooth running and reliable performance when the machine is running.

2.Garnet Grinding Technology Patent 2: Forced turbine type sorting system, which can make the sorted particle size uniform and fine, and the sorted particle size can reach 80-600 mesh, with a wide sorting range and high sorting precision.

3. Garnet mill patent 3: original double belt drive, in the process of mill operation, due to the material and the mill itself, often cause the harsh working environment, which will cause damage to the reducer, maintenance is very troublesome, if there is such a double belt drive, it can save a lot of manpower and time, and with this double belt drive, it can save a lot of manpower and time, and has the advantages of simple structure The advantages are simple structure, stable work, easy maintenance and so on.

4. Garnet Mill Patent 4: pulse dust removal system, which is a highlight of garnet mill, its filtration rate is as high as 99.9%, and the dust content in the discharged air is less than 30 mg/m3, which is in line with the national regulations, and even more than the national regulations. This is a very critical part of the effect of powder making, which can meet the national environmental standards, but also conducive to the production environment, is a kind of garnet mill with obvious advantages of powder making.

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