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Lithium mica production of lithium carbonate process flow

fxy/ Release time : 2023-09-18

Lithium carbonate is an inorganic compound, is an important chemical raw material for new energy batteries, with the development of the national new energy development plan, lithium new energy has become a national key to support the development of energy industry one. Lithium carbonate is the production of secondary lithium salts and lithium metal products of basic materials, the importance of new energy materials is increasing, thus becoming the lithium industry's largest application of lithium products, other lithium products are basically downstream products of lithium carbonate. Liming Heavy Industry Enterprise provides the following two commonly used methods of lithium mica production of lithium carbonate.

1, lime sintering method: lithium pyroxene concentrate (generally containing 6% lithium oxide) and limestone according to 1: (2. 5~3) weight ratio ingredients. LM vertical mill mixed grinding, sintered at 1150 ~ 1250 C to generate lithium aluminate and calcium silicate, crushed by wet milling, leaching lithium hydroxide with the wash solution, filtered by settling, slag return or washing slagging, leaching solution by evaporation and concentration, and then add sodium carbonate to generate lithium carbonate, and then centrifugal separation, drying, to produce finished lithium carbonate.

Model drawing of Liming Heavy Industry production line

Model drawing of Liming Heavy Industry production line

2、Sulfuric acid method: It is a mature production process to produce lithium carbonate in industry. The process is firstly to use LM vertical mill to grind the material finely, and then through the sulfuric acid and β-lithium pyroxene replacement reaction occurs at 250-300 ℃, generating Li2SO4, and then use lime to adjust the pH to 11, plus sodium carbonate to remove calcium, magnesium, iron, aluminum and other impurities. The clear liquid is evaporated into a purified liquid containing about 20% Li2SO4, and precipitated into lithium carbonate by adding sodium carbonate. Centrifugal dehydration, filter cake drying, lithium carbonate products.

Compared with the two, limestone sintering method from lithium pyroxene lithium has a simple process, does not consume valuable chemical raw materials, the product for a wide range of single-water lithium hydroxide and other advantages.

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