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Limestone grinding process, limestone grinding machine types

zkj/ Release time : 2023-09-19

Liming Heavy Industry produces a variety of lime powder mill such as Raymond mill, high pressure suspension mill, vertical mill, coarse powder mill, three-ring medium-speed mill, lime powder mill finished particle size is generally in 0-3000 mesh, Liming Heavy Industry produces three-ring medium-speed ultrafine powder mill can be adjusted according to their own needs during this period, to meet their own production needs, the output of which the finished product in the range of 0.7-15 tons/hour, the output of which is in the range of 0.7-15 tons/hour. The output of the finished product is 0.7-15 tons/hour. In the production process of lime will also use the European version of the crusher, bucket elevator, classifier, electrical control system and other equipment. Liming Heavy Industry's lime mill also has the characteristics of long service life of wearing parts, for different materials the length of life is not the same, if it is calcium carbonate and calcite, the life of about 2-5 years, high security, and can play a role in environmental protection, the physical and mental health of the operator can play a very good role in protecting.

Limestone Grinding Machine

Limestone Grinding Machine

Lime powder is a white powdery substance with calcium carbonate as the main component. The scope of application is very wide, commonly used in the construction industry, that is, industrial calcium carbonate; the other is food grade calcium carbonate, as a common calcium supplement, is widely used. Commonly used calcium nutritional supplements - calcium carbonate has two kinds: one is heavy calcium carbonate, limestone is crushed to a certain fineness used as food additives; the other is light calcium carbonate, limestone is calcined. Reports claimed that Jiangsu "to kill people whitening agent" is in fact the use of calcium carbonate.

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