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What is the development prospect of NdFeB permanent magnet material industry?

fxy/ Release time : 2023-09-19

High-performance NdFeB permanent magnetic materials are mainly used in high-tech products, such as motors, compressors, sensors, specific applications include: consumer electronics products, traditional automobiles and other traditional fields, as well as new energy vehicles, wind power, energy saving and environmental protection and other emerging fields.

NdFeB permanent magnetic materials downstream industry development prospects. On the one hand, the penetration rate of traditional applications in national life is relatively high, especially cell phones, computers and other electronic products are commonly used, and the development is smooth; on the other hand, new energy vehicles, wind power generation and other emerging applications are the country's focus on the development of the object, in line with the national energy saving and emission reduction, green and environmental protection strategic development plan. In the industrial policy promulgated by the state, it actively encourages and guides the adoption of new materials and new technology in the fields of new energy vehicles, wind power generation, air conditioning, and industrial motors, etc., and NdFeB, as a new material, is also listed as an object of encouragement and focus on development by the state. Under the influence and driven by a variety of factors, the application fields of downstream industries are expanding, and the requirements for NdFeB permanent magnetic materials are getting higher and higher, prompting the development of NdFeB industry in the direction of refinement, personalization, customization and so on.

LM Vertical Mill Production Diagram

LM Vertical Mill Production Diagram

NdFeB milling is generally used in Europe version of the mill or vertical mill. The European mill and vertical mill can process about 250 mesh fineness, and when used for NdFeB grinding, the hourly output can reach more than 5 tons. These two mills have high capacity, stable equipment, low vibration, and are equipped with a complete set of dust removal equipment, more environmentally friendly, is the ideal equipment for grinding NdFeB.

According to the different output needs, choose different equipment, European version of the motor power of the mill can reach 55-315kw, the output can reach 3-70T per hour, while the LM vertical roller mill motor power in 200-800kw, the output can reach 10-320T per hour, compared to the words, LM vertical roller mill efficiency will be higher.

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