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How to choose the most suitable crushing equipment for different types of ores?

fxy/ Release time : 2023-09-21

With the economic and social development of China, the demand for sand and gravel aggregate is also increasing. However, because the hardness, abrasion resistance and water content of the ores are different, so when choosing crushing equipment, it is necessary to choose scientifically and reasonably from the characteristics of the ores in order to reduce the wear and tear of the equipment and improve the work efficiency.

Ore hardness, abrasion resistance, water content and other properties of the selection of crushing machinery has a great impact on the selection of improper selection will not only cause early wear and tear of the equipment, but also make the utilization rate of the equipment will be reduced, and in serious cases, it will also cause damage to the equipment. Therefore, here are provided a few suggestions that can help you in different mines, choose the right crushing equipment.

Crushing equipment structure

Crushing equipment structure

1. High hardness minerals

High Mohs hardness, fine texture, good toughness of minerals, such as: quartzite, basalt, granite, should be selected with a larger crushing force of the equipment. For example, the jaw crusher is suitable for crushing ores with pressure strength not more than 320 MPa. This jaw crusher made by Liming Heavy Industries can process this high hardness ore, once, into medium size, thus avoiding the drastic wear and tear caused by using other methods.

2. Less brittle ores

For minerals with low Mohs hardness and friable minerals such as mudstone, chalk, gypsum, etc., hammers, drums, impacts, cones, etc. can be used. The device can be used to pulverize the weaker minerals efficiently and can meet the pulverization requirements of various minerals.

3. Taking moisture into consideration

In addition, moisture is also an important factor when choosing a pulverizer. In high moisture conditions, can be used for high moisture conditions of the grinding equipment to ensure that the grinding effect and the stability of the equipment.

Therefore, for the characteristics of various types of minerals, the selection of appropriate crushing device is of great significance to reduce production costs and improve production efficiency. In the stone crushing process, the reasonable selection of suitable stone crushing machinery can not only ensure the smooth operation of stone crushing machinery for a long period of time, but also effectively improve the working efficiency of stone crushing machinery, but also provide high-quality crushed stone aggregates for the national infrastructure and project construction.

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