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Impact crusher or cone crusher for cobblestone crushing

zkj/ Release time : 2023-02-28

Pebbles have always been the "star" of the sand industry, the sand plant appearance rate is very high, especially in recent years, the demand for sand and gravel continues to increase, driving the development of the mechanism of sand industry, pebble sand production project is carried out in full swing. In the sand production line, sand equipment types and models are countless, and impact crusher and cone crusher are two crushing equipment, the material for fine crushing, but the two equipment in the performance or different, so which is more suitable for cobblestone sand making? See the analysis below.

Pebble sand impact crusher or cone crusher is good? Impact crusher and cone crusher performance contest

Impact crusher and cone crusher, although the same belong to the second broken equipment, are placed in the coarse crushing jaw crusher, used to complete the second degree of fine crushing operation of various types of sand and stone materials, but to look at them in detail there are still great differences, to cobblestone crushing for example, impact crusher and cone crusher which is better?

In terms of working principle:

Impact crusher: The impact crushing principle is used to crush the material with impact energy. When the material (pebble) enters the crushing cavity, it will collide with the plate hammer on the rotor rotating at high speed, and then be thrown to the impact plate for secondary crushing, and then bounce back to the plate hammer from the impact plate, and the cycle repeats until it is discharged after forming. This way of working, the wear and tear of wearing parts is larger, and pebbles belong to the hardness of the material, long-term use of impact crushing, will accelerate the damage of wearing parts, wearing parts replacement costs are relatively high.

Pebble impact crushing

Pebble impact crushing

Cone crusher: The cone crusher adopts laminated crushing, which mainly uses the extrusion between materials to complete the crushing. The rolling molar wall constantly moves towards the crushing wall, squeezing the pebbles between them and making them crushed and discharged. This way of working has less wear and tear on the wearing parts of the equipment, and the wearing parts of the cone crusher are made of high wear-resistant material, which has a long service life and is very suitable for crushing pebbles, which are relatively hard materials, and the production cost is also low.

Pebble cone crushing

Pebble cone crushing

From the perspective of the finished product - the granularity of the finished product depends on the crushing principle:

Impact crusher mainly uses the impact energy to crush the stone, so it can crush a piece of stone from many aspects and multiple forces, and the cobblestone output is better and more uniform in size;

Cone crusher mainly uses the way of bending and extrusion to crush the stone, which is more neat and not so three-dimensional, and the finished product contains more fine powder, but it is more intelligent and less noisy.

In summary, impact crusher and cone crusher have their own advantages and disadvantages, different types of crushing equipment to process pebbles and investment conditions are different, need to choose according to the different materials, inlet and outlet size, yield and other aspects, customers who want to invest in pebble crushing equipment should be based on their own needs, a reasonable choice of equipment.

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