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Process advantages and performance characteristics of hydraulic cone crusher with 600 tons per hour capacity

zkj/ Release time : 2023-09-26

Cone crusher adopts a combination of crushing frequency and eccentric distance, which makes the material to be crushed more finely, the crushing capacity has a higher output compared with similar models, and also enhances the laminar crushing effect between the material particles and effectively improves the three-dimensional shape of the material after crushing. Cone crusher is suitable for building stone crushing and sand production process, especially when crushing hard materials such as basalt, not only high efficiency and low production cost, but also the crushed products have good particle size and high quality of sand and gravel aggregate.

Cone crusher is divided into standard type and short head type. The standard type has a large feed size and coarse discharge size, while the short head type has a steeper crushing cone and smaller feed size, which is favorable for the production of fine-grained materials. The standard type is generally used for coarse and medium crushing, while the short head type is used for medium and fine crushing. In the medium and large size crusher, the cone crusher adopts hydraulic cavity clearing system, which reduces the downtime. There are many cavity types for each specification of crusher, and users can choose different cavity types according to different needs. Cone crusher adopts grease sealing, avoiding the easy blockage of water supply and drainage system and the defect of easy mixing of water and oil. The spring safety system is an overload protection device, which can close the foreign matter and iron block through the crushing cavity without jeopardizing the crusher. Cone crusher mainly consists of frame, transmission part, eccentric sleeve part, bowl bearing part, crushing cone part, branch sleeve part, adjusting sleeve part, spring part, and hydraulic station for adjusting discharge opening and thin oil station for providing lubricating oil. This series of cone crusher has compact structure and high production efficiency. When it is necessary to adjust the size of the discharge opening, the hydraulic station can be activated to adjust it by pushing the cylinder. When the unbreakable material enters the crushing chamber, the spring safety device can protect the equipment from damage. And the cone crusher has the following advantages:

Hydraulic Cone Crusher

Hydraulic Cone Crusher

1、It is characterized by large crushing force, high efficiency, high handling capacity, low cost of action, easy adjustment and economic use.

2, the body are cast structure, in the heavy load parts of the high stress points are set with reinforcement;

3, the drive body shaft is equipped with tapered stick bearings at both ends, the power drive is completed by the heavy-duty bevel gears, the bearing seat adopts the skeleton sealing ring to prevent the wheel skid oil leakage.

4, both have inner and outer copper bushings (i.e. inner and outer copper), a steel spherical seat and a spherical copper. The dust ring is floated by a spring placed inside the spherical seat, which plays an adjusting role during machine operation.

5, all contain hydraulic adjustment mechanism, easy to quickly adjust the cone crusher discharge opening size.

6, hydraulic cavity clearing mechanism is the standard configuration of the cone machine, placed in the body of the bottom plate by several clearing cylinders to complete.

Provide "spring-type" over-iron release protection.

8、Using a set of external skidding system including oil pump, oil tank and pipeline. When the oil temperature is high or the oil speed is too slow, the crusher will be shut down automatically.

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