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Crushing bentonite process with ultrafine vertical mill

fxy/ Release time : 2023-09-26

Bentonite belongs to a kind of relatively soft non-metallic minerals, in the grinding process, if the particle size of the original ore is too large, and the mill inlet is not large enough, it can be initially crushed, and then sent to the mill for grinding processing, from which the finished powder to meet the fineness requirements are selected. For the crushing of bentonite, general users choose vertical mill.

LUM Ultra-fine Vertical Mill

LUM Ultra-fine Vertical Mill

The raw ore is transported to the storage hopper by forklift, and the manual lever valve and quantitative feeder are installed at the bottom of the hopper. After measuring the raw ore, it is fed into the vertical mill for grinding through the large inclination belt conveyor or elevator, and then through the rotary locking gas feeder.

In the horizontal zone of the large inclination belt machine, a removable iron device is installed. The removable iron device removes the iron from the material and, under the centrifugal force of the rotary grinding disk, the material moves along the roll surface and finally flows from the roll surface into the roll surface.

The grinding roller is subjected to the action of hydraulic device and driving arm, applying pressure to the material in the roller conveyor. It plays the roles of squeezing, shearing and crushing. At the same time, in the wind ring on the edge of the grinding disk, the airflow is jetted upward at a very high speed, bringing the overflow material with it, bringing the large particles to the bottom of the grinding disk, and then separating the small particles from the disk, and then bringing these small particles out of the disk, and then bringing these particles to the finished product warehouse with the pulsed vacuum cleaner in the air tank, and then placing the good bulk or packing boxes in the warehouse, and then packing them up.

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