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What equipment is needed to build a sand and gravel production line?

fxy/ Release time : 2023-09-26

In recent years, with the acceleration of urban construction and city building, people's demand for sand and gravel aggregate is also increasing. As a result, the price of sand and gravel aggregate has increased, which has caused a large amount of capital investment in mechanism sand. Mechanism sand manufacturing equipment selection and matching, especially in the production line, so what kind of manufacturing equipment is needed for gravel production line?

First, crushing equipment: jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, mobile crusher, etc.

Crushing the raw materials of sand production line and selecting special crusher, this comprehensive combination of equipment can realize a higher level of production line construction and better meet the requirements of production efficiency and quality.

Second, sand making equipment: impulse sand making machine, vertical shaft sand making machine, vertical compound crusher, etc.

As the core of the whole abrasive equipment, the main role of the abrasive tool is to grind the abrasive tool. The results show that high quality pebbles can be produced with this method, with uniform particle size and uniform particle size, which meets the requirements of particle size.

Third, screening machinery: vibrating screen, mobile vibrating screen

In addition to crushing, sand making and other applications, the terminal equipment is also a kind of screening, through which can ensure that the specifications of the final product meets the requirements, so that it can be screened out more qualified products. Currently more common screening equipment, there are adjustable specifications and standards, which can greatly improve the screening accuracy.

Fourth, ancillary equipment: vibration feeder, belt conveyor, etc.

Through the vibrating feeding device, the materials are fed evenly, quantitatively and continuously, so that the crushing effect can be improved. Belt conveyor is a kind of continuous operation, reliable performance, easy to use, with long distance, low energy consumption, large capacity, green environmental protection and other characteristics.

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