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Jaw Crusher Operation Precautions

zkj/ Release time : 2023-09-27

Jaw crusher is commonly known as jaw breaker, also known as tiger mouth. It is a crusher which consists of two jaw plates, the movable jaw and the static jaw, to simulate the movement of two jaws of an animal to complete the crushing operation of materials. Jaw crusher is mainly used as coarse crusher and medium crusher in mining, building materials, infrastructure and other sectors. Jaw crusher in the operation process is often due to carelessness and negligence and cause safety hazards or affect the normal service life of the equipment. Here Liming Heavy Industry summarizes the precautions that should be taken during the operation of the jaw crusher:

1, the jaw crusher must be started under no load.

2. Before starting the jaw crusher, carefully check the fastening of the crusher parts, the elasticity of the spring and the tightness of the belt.

3、Each time when starting, carefully check whether the tooth plate of the jaw crusher is loose, and according to the grain size of the material sample, adjust it to fit the jaw opening; if you find any abnormality, stop the work, deal with it thoroughly and remove the fault.

Jaw Crusher

Jaw Crusher

4, Jaw Crusher start running speed to reach the normal speed before feeding, strictly prevent steel, super hardness objects into the machine, so as not to damage the parts.

5、When the machine is running, it is forbidden to do any cleaning work and install or remove the belt; it is forbidden to take out the broken objects or move the position of the broken objects from the loading port by hand or pry bar.

6、Before stopping the vehicle, the material supply must be stopped, and only after all the materials in the jaw crusher are spit out.

7、After stopping, you need to organize the site and then leave in an orderly manner.

8、Jaw crusher should be dedicated and labeled, and is strictly prohibited from mixing.

9、Jaw crusher is regularly maintained by specialized personnel, and lubricant is regularly added to all active parts; and operation records are established.

10、It is recommended that the jaw crusher be dismantled and maintained once a year, and the whole machine be repaired once every two years; and maintenance and repair records be established.

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