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Application of ferronickel vertical mill in red earth nickel slag treatment project

fxy/ Release time : 2023-09-27

In recent years, the smelting scale of nickel laterite ore has been expanding, resulting in a large amount of smelting slag in the smelting process, which seriously affects the smelting efficiency. Compared with other metallurgical slag systems, the recovery rate of valuable metals in Ni-Fe slag system is low, and the rate of slag discharge is large, which gradually becomes a difficult point for the disposal of this slag system. For the disposal of nickel laterite slag, it is generally crushed into fine nickel slag by crushing method, and then it is applied to cement mixing materials. So, which kind of grinder is used in the nickel-iron ore project?

Nickel-iron slag has been tested for its susceptibility to grinding, and it is found to be more fragile than quartz, cement and other minerals, and it consumes more in the grinding process and has higher production costs, which seriously affects the comprehensive utilization of nickel-iron slag.

The nickel-iron vertical mill is a kind of mill integrating fine crushing, grinding, drying, powder selecting and conveying, which is able to grind nickel slag into powder with a specific surface area of 480-500 m²/kg, which ensures that the nickel slag can be utilized to a greater extent to give full play to the activity of nickel slag. It is a good auxiliary device for the treatment of nickel laterite slag.

Vertical mill for nickel-iron

Vertical mill for nickel-iron

Process of nickel-iron vertical mill for nickel laterite slag: Blast furnace nickel slag, mine heat furnace nickel slag, refining mixed slag, etc. are mixed as raw materials according to a certain ratio, and are sent to the grinding machine for grinding through the belt conveyor system, and grinding aids are added according to the requirements of the production, and grinding is carried out in the powder bed. Hot air is blown through the heating furnace to dry the materials and generate lifting force, and the ground materials are sent to the sorter for filtration. The materials with the required particle size are sent to the finished product warehouse, while the materials with larger particle size are sent to the pulverizer for crushing.

Taking nickel laterite slag as raw material, the innovation and optimization of its grinding technology and equipment is an important means to enhance its activity and promote its application in construction materials. It is an efficient and feasible technology. The nickel slag fine powder obtained through vertical mill has a wide range of applications, which can not only solve the problems of land occupation and environmental pollution, but also enhance the comprehensive utilization efficiency of nickel slag and promote the sustainable development of nickel-iron smelting industry!

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