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Take you to understand the working principle and performance characteristics of vibrating screen on sand and gravel line

zkj/ Release time : 2023-03-01

Vibrating screen is a kind of vibrating screening machinery and equipment suitable for dry screening of wet fine grain extremely difficult to screen materials, a variety of specifications to basically meet the domestic national economic construction development needs. With the further development of economic development and scientific research, new uses of vibrating screens continue to appear, they are increasingly used in their respective sectors, and play an increasingly important role.

At present, the domestic vibrating screen product types are circular vibrating screen, linear vibrating screen, elliptical vibrating screen, high frequency vibrating screen, curved screen, etc.

Working principle: the particle size of different scattered materials repeatedly through the uniform cloth hole single or multi-layer screen surface, divided into a number of different levels of the process of sieving, greater than the screen hole particles stay on the screen surface to become the sieve, and vice versa for the sieve. A large number of particles of different sizes. Coarse and fine mixed materials into the screen surface after a part of the particles and screen surface contact, due to the vibrating screen box on the material layer is loosened so that the large particles are already present gap further expanded, the small through the gap transferred to the lower layer of the transporter. Small particle gap is small, large particles can not pass, the original particles occurred in the separation that small particles in the lower large particles in the upper. Then coarse and fine particles are formed to separate and complete the screening process.

Scope of application: vibrating screen can screen and classify powder and granular materials, widely used in abrasive, chemical, building materials, medical, plastic, food, fertilizer, carbon and other industries.

Spring base can reduce the vibration of vibrating screen body, so as to reduce the pressure of normal operation; 3. Spring base can adjust the tilt angle of vibrating screen at will; 4. 8. Magazine coarse material can be automatically discharged.

Vibrating Screens

Vibrating Screens

Correct use method and maintenance, before the official use should be to start the machine to check, wait until the equipment is running to pay attention to the smooth operation of the screen and accessories, need to pay attention when feeding and discharging, after the normal discharge of equipment, need to close the isolation cover, observe whether there is sand leakage or dust, etc. Check the flatness of the screen, ensure the screen is correctly installed on the frame, keep the screen on the same horizontal line to prevent the screen from tilting.Check whether each part of the vibrating screen is solid and reliable, and all bolts must be tightened not to be loosened to prevent accidents. Ensure that there is a gap of 30-50mm between the vibrating part of the vibrating screen and the surrounding fixings, and check whether the bunching ring screws of the body frame are locked tight. In daily use need to constantly pay attention to the bearing temperature maintenance to strengthen bearing lubrication, regular quantitative lubrication, usually pay attention to the rubber plate connection seal is good, the material trough lining and vibration spring regular inspection. If the vibrating screen screen rust should be set up isolation layer, do a good job of cleaning dirt, grease and other work, the vibrating screen will be placed in a suitable place.

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