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Bauxite grinding production line configuration process flow

fxy/ Release time : 2023-10-08

Bauxite is a common industrial refractory material, it is also known as bauxite or bauxite ore, its main component is alumina, after grinding treatment, it can be used to make top coatings and sand spreading materials for fused die casting, and it can be used to make refractory aggregates for other kinds of casting coatings. There are many bauxite pulverizers to choose from, and they must be combined with the user's pulverizing material and the output power during pulverizing to meet the needs of pulverizing production. Today's article will recommend a configuration of a European mill production line for bauxite.

Bauxite European mill

Bauxite European mill

Bauxite milling process: the large pieces of bauxite crushed by the jaw crusher, and then by the bucket elevator to the storage silo, and then use the electromagnetic oscillating feeder will be evenly, quantitatively and continuously fed into the grinding chamber of the European version of the mill for grinding, and then in the role of the blower, the milled powder blowing to the separator for sorting, the unqualified powder back for further grinding, and qualified fine powder, and then blow to the separator, and further milling. The unqualified powder will be returned for further grinding, and the qualified fine powder will be sent to the storage bin by the pipeline, and finally discharged from the discharge valve, which is the final product powder, thus completing the bauxite grinding process. From the above process flow, we can see that the whole bauxite milling production line has a full set of equipments including: jaw crusher, European mill, electromagnetic vibrating feeder, bucket elevator, powder separator.

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