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Types of crushing equipment commonly used in stone production line with a capacity of 500 tons per hour

zkj/ Release time : 2023-10-08

Among many crushing equipments, the most commonly used one is cone crusher, mainly because of its large crushing ratio and high crushing efficiency, but it is not difficult to find out that the wear and tear of wear-resistant parts such as jaw plate, hammer, impact plate and so on will be more serious when the hardness of the material is higher, which will lead to the cost of crushing materials rising, so we should choose the corresponding equipments when crushing the hardness of the material.

stone production line

stone production line

Liming Heavy Industry's cone crusher, firstly, adopts the unique lamination principle for crushing, which reduces the abrasion of hard materials on wear-resistant parts and prolongs the service life of wear-resistant parts, and the structure of the equipment is scientific and reasonable; secondly, in the selection of wear-resistant parts, due to the introduction of new wear-resistant materials, wear-resistant parts and wear parts adopt new wear-resistant material, which enhances the service life of the equipment. Cone crusher is using a variety of cavity type of medium and fine crushing replacement as well as laminar crushing principle, the main shaft is supported at the upper and lower ends, which can withstand the crushing force of the material and a larger stroke, coupled with the special crushing cavity shape compatible with the principle of laminar pressure, so the crushing of hard rock materials is very easy and highly efficient.

In the field of mining machinery, Liming Heavy Industry Cone Crusher is a crushing equipment with high level, which is widely used in mining and sand and gravel aggregate industry, suitable for crushing hard and medium-hard rocks and minerals, and can be applied to medium and fine crushing of materials as well as sand making, and its output can be increased by 1-3 times than that of the old cone crusher, with minimal content of needle-flake stones and even particle size, which is in line with the requirements of sand and gravel aggregate production, so customers Customers can rest assured to buy.

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