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What is the equipment required for the construction of talcum powder mill production line?

fxy/ Release time : 2023-10-09

Talcum powder is a very versatile ingredient. Instead of chalk, soft talc can be used to depict white spots. Talc is usually in the form of lumps, blades, fibers or radials, and the color is white, off-white, and can be mixed with other impurities to produce a variety of colors. Some friends who need to process talc don't know how to choose, what is the equipment needed for a talc grinding line?

Talc grinding production line

Talc grinding production line

Generally, this assembly line should have a series of process equipment such as feeding, crushing, screening, grinding, dusting, loading and so on. Through this method, talc products of required particle size can be easily obtained. A complete stone grinding assembly line consists of the following equipment: jaw crusher + talc mill + bucket elevator + electromagnetic vibrating feeder + powder selector + dust collector + conveyor, etc.; Generally speaking, before the raw materials are sent to the talc vertical mill, the raw materials should be crushed in the first place, so that the raw materials can be ground more finely, and the talc mill is a kind of grinding equipment, which has a certain requirement for the particle size of the raw materials, and generally cannot exceed 20 millimeters. Ensure that the discharged material is between 300-3000 mesh.

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