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What kind of machine is used to crush and produce the stone for the construction of railroad ramps?

zkj/ Release time : 2023-10-10

At present, the pace of infrastructure construction in my various cities are accelerating. It is understood that this year, the Ministry of Railways issued an annual investment plan of 13.541 billion yuan for new railroad projects, especially the pace of railroad infrastructure construction, especially in the second half of the year, the city's railroad infrastructure construction will continue to increase.

Liming Heavy Industry has a great variety of crushers, and customers can decide what kind of crushing equipment they should choose according to their own needs when purchasing the equipment. Among many crusher products, impact crusher is widely used, anti-wear and economical. In the future market, whether it is construction projects or highway construction, the aggregate has high requirements, and the quality requirements are more and more strict.

sand and gravel aggregate

sand and gravel aggregate

Railroad construction quality is the focus of urban infrastructure projects. Road slag is used for laying roadbed, railroad sleeper, used to hide and protect the object of the railroad sleeper. Road ballast is also known as ballast, gravel or road bed, to bear the pressure of the sleeper and dispersion pressure, with fixed sleeper and drainage function. As we all know, the weight of the train is large, the pressure on the railroad track is also very large, usually under the sleeper are very hard stone, and these stones are basically the same size, in the roadway paved with trapezoidal cross-section. Therefore, the railroad construction process on the road slag has its strict requirements, that is, the particle shape is good, the size should be consistent. And Liming Heavy Industry's impact crusher is born for producing qualified ballast stone, which produces the right size of stone, uniform particle size, in line with the requirements of the railroad.

At present, there have been many sets of Liming Heavy Industry's impact crusher applied in the city's railroad construction, to accelerate my city's infrastructure to add bricks and mortar, to create more benefits for customers and promote the development and construction of the city.

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