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The impact of construction waste on the living environment, construction waste crusher

zkj/ Release time : 2023-10-11

With the rapid development of the construction industry, construction waste is also increasing. At present, most of China's construction waste disposal methods to landfill disposal, not only occupy a large amount of land, but also the existence of safety hazards.

First, reduce air quality, in the transportation process, the top should be covered with a layer of cover, some transportation personnel, not due diligence, directly transporting construction waste, when the wind blows, there will be a lot of dust in the air, resulting in a decline in air quality. In the process of stacking, under the sun irradiation and rainfall, organic matter decomposition occurs, producing harmful gases and so on.

mobile crushing plant

mobile crushing plant

Secondly, construction waste can cause groundwater pollution, subsidence of the ground surface and destruction of vegetation. This all seriously affects the environment and harms people's lives.

At present, the urban construction waste for resource treatment, generally to the circular economy model, maximize the realization of "reduction, reuse, recycling". Construction waste treatment equipment to change the traditional construction materials - buildings - construction waste linear model, forming a construction materials - buildings - construction waste - recycled raw materials --Construction waste - recycled raw material cycle mode, so that raw materials in the construction process to get the maximum reasonable, efficient and lasting use. Resourceful utilization of construction waste is the best choice for construction waste treatment.

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