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Soda Nitrate European Grinding Mill Choose Liming Heavy Industry Manufacturer Manufacturing

fxy/ Release time : 2023-10-11

There are two kinds of production devices for sodalite powder: one is jaw crusher and the other is sodalite European mill. In the process, sodium nitrate is firstly sent to the jaw crusher for processing and crushing, then the jaw crusher crushes the sodium nitrate, and the collision occurs between the movable jaw and the static jaw of the jaw crusher, so that the rock breaks up, and the sodium nitrate particles of about 50 millimeters are obtained, and then it is sent to the sodium nitrate euro-type mill. The working principle of the European version mill is to send the crushed rock into the mill for crushing, and finally get the stone powder with the particle size of 60~325 mesh, such as 600 mesh, 800 mesh or above, or you can choose the vertical mill, ultrafine powder mill and so on.

MTW Sodium Nitrate European Grinding Mill

MTW Sodium Nitrate European Grinding Mill

The European version of the mill is a particularly key machine in the production line of sodium nitrate grinding, which can ensure that the hardness and humidity of the material, etc. in the processing range of the European version of the mill, so as to achieve fast and efficient processing and production, is the first choice in the reform of the stone powder industry accidents. The European version is a three-dimensional structure, small footprint, high efficiency, energy saving, safety, low carbon, environmental protection, uniform discharge, and the processed sodium nitrate powder is more uniform, meticulous and high purity.

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