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How to choose the right dolomite powder-Mill Manufacturer

fxy/ Release time : 2023-10-11

Dolomite powder is a high-quality mineral powder formed by grinding with dolomite, most of which are rich in calcium and aluminum elements, and generally have a density of 2.7~2.8. So how can the maker of dolomite powder choose the right mill when he wants to treat and grind the dolomite?

First of all, when producing dolomite powder, we should choose the model with mature and reliable technology, because the quality of dolomite powder has a great relationship with the reliability of the equipment, so the issue to focus on is the model of dolomite mill. Secondly, we should pay attention to the working environment of the equipment. When the equipment is running, it may encounter some harsh conditions, such as, temperature, humidity, noise and so on, so the selection of the equipment should be fully considered. At the same time, it is also required that the processing efficiency of dolomite should be high, and the manufacturing enterprises should choose the processing equipment with good performance to ensure its high efficiency in the processing.

Dolomite European Grinding Mill

Dolomite European Grinding Mill

Liming Heavy Industry has synthesized many advantages of the original grinding equipment, and under the new conditions, it has carried out systematic technical transformation for dolomite grinding equipment, which makes it more adaptable to the modern energy-saving, environmental protection, and large-scale production demand. European mill is a new type of grinding equipment carefully developed by Liming Heavy Industry, which is characterized by: overall bevel gear transmission, internal thin oil lubrication, arc air duct and so on. The invention has the advantages of stable work, simple operation and low power consumption. Therefore, for dolomite powder producers, it is important to consider three aspects, namely, model, working environment and working efficiency, in order to ensure the reliability and efficiency of this equipment.

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