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The kind of mill can meet the 15 tons per hour raw limestone grinding production line

fxy/ Release time : 2023-10-23

What kind of mill is used for lime powder? What type of lime grinder is better to use? Hubei quicklime grinding production line is to send the raw materials below 3cm to 2 sets MTW178G European mill for grinding through frequency conversion type conveyor belt, and finally get the powder with uniform fineness, and elevate it to the finished product tank for storage by elevator, which can meet the production demand of 14~16 tons/hour.

Processing material: quicklime

Capacity: 14-16T/H

Feeding granularity: 30mm

Fineness of finished product: 200 mesh

Equipment Configuration: MTW178G European version of the mill

Production process of 15 tons per hour quicklime powder

1、Materials are transported to the storage hopper by elevator, and then transported to the main mill of European version mill by belt conveyor, and then transported to the main mill evenly and continuously by belt conveyor.

2、The ground material is sent to the sorting machine through the fan airflow for classification, the material that can not reach the fineness standard will fall into the mill again under the influence of the impeller of the sorting machine, while the material that meets the conditions will be sent to the cyclone collector through the air chute to be separated and collected, and then discharged through the discharge equipment, and then the final powder will be obtained.

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