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Performance Advantages of Carbon Black Euro Mill

fxy/ Release time : 2023-10-30

Carbon black is an amorphous form of carbon, also called carbon black. It is obtained by incomplete combustion or heat decomposition of carbon containing components such as coal, natural gas, heavy oil and fuel oil in the absence of oxygen.

Carbon black pulverizer, mainly used for grinding and crushing ordinary carbon black and ultra-fine powder, is suitable for materials with humidity below 8% and Mohs hardness below 6. At the same time, the raw material particles of this product are large, and the average particle size of the products produced at one time can reach 0.010mm.

1, carbon black European version of the mill has a wider adaptability; after comparing with other similar equipment, the use of high-pressure springs, grinding rollers on the carbon black material grinding pressure can be increased by 800-1200 kilograms.

2, carbon black crusher on the raw material particle size, carbon smoke raw material needs less, the discharge is uniform, the product is more fine.

3、Equipment energy-saving effect is good, for example, in the same discharge volume, fineness conditions, the system energy consumption is only 1/3 of the air mill. in addition, the equipment investment is small, in the same discharge volume, fineness conditions, the production cost is only 1/8 of the air mill.

4、Carbon black mill adopts multi-pole sealing mechanism with good sealing. Its dust collection effect are in line with national standards.

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