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Grinding mill to help waste gangue into treasure, to achieve high value utilization

fxy/ Release time : 2023-10-31

For a long time, many domestic enterprises will be coal gangue randomly stacked, both safety hazards, but also pollution of the environment. This paper takes a region in Shanxi as an example, introduces the development of kaolin and ceramic industry prepared from coal gangue as raw material.

Coal gangue is a mixture of carbon, mud, sand, mud and so on, its calorific value is low, the carbon content is 20-30%, part of it contains humic acid.

In this case, the LUM ultrafine powder vertical mill is used, which can easily process kaolinite and coal gangue, so that the raw material output reaches 325 mesh, and a number of gangue production lines have been established. This equipment has the key production process such as large scale, automation, ultra-fine powdering, etc. Meanwhile, it has high crushing and sorting efficiency, which can be up to 50 tons/hour, equivalent to 5 sets of conventional fine powder mill, with high automation level. It brings better profit for the enterprise, and can meet the intelligent, refined and large-scale production requirements of the enterprise. The district is mainly focusing on solid waste disposal, using coal gangue as raw material, developing mineral circular economy, and promoting the transformation and upgrading of local industries.

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