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Grinding and processing of heavy calcium carbonate using ultrafine mill capacity effect

zkj/ Release time : 2023-11-02

Heavy Calcium Carbonate, which is made by grinding natural carbonate minerals (such as calcite, marble, limestone), is a commonly used powdered inorganic filler, which can be widely used in the industries of papermaking, plastics, rubber, paints, coatings, adhesives and sealants. At present, the mining industry continues to new development, more and more models of grinding equipment so that customers ready to step into this industry to pick the eye, the following to summarize Liming Heavy Industry's grinding equipment are mainly Raymond mill, ring roller mill, ball mill and ultra-fine vertical mill. So which equipment is suitable for grinding heavy calcium carbonate, this article for you to analyze one by one.

1, Raymond mill is mainly used to process 200 ~ 400 mesh powder products, is the mainstream equipment for processing powder products below 325 mesh; configuration classifier can be graded out of 800 mesh products, but the output is small.

2、Ring roller mill is mainly used for processing 800~1500 mesh products, with the advantage of low energy consumption, but the production capacity of a single machine is not large enough.

3、Ball mill plus ultrafine classifier can process 600-2500 mesh ultrafine powder at one time, the production capacity of a single machine is very large, stable and reliable performance, but energy consumption is slightly higher. 

4、Vertical mill has the performance of large capacity of single machine, reliable operation, large output, stable product quality, lower energy consumption (energy saving 30%-40% compared with ball mill). And ultrafine vertical mill in the ultrafine processing of heavy calcium, the big feature is that it can produce heavy calcium products with lower power consumption (production of products below 1250 mesh).

Calcium Carbonate Grinding Mill

Calcium Carbonate Grinding Mill

Vertical Mill Introduction and Advantages:

Ultrafine vertical mill is a novel mill designed on the basis of grinding mill, which belongs to the type of grinding with high enhancement to the mill. The direct improvement of the vertical mill is to increase the high pressure spring system of the grinding roller part, so that the ultra-fine vertical mill has a wider grinding range than the traditional mill, fine grinding size and high grinding efficiency.

Improved dust removal system compared to the previous mill plus environmental protection, while having the advantages of energy saving, low energy consumption, ultra-fine vertical mill electrical system adopts a centralized control, selection of reasonable degree of automation, the vibrating feeder is small in size and light in weight, feeding uniformity, easy to save electricity, easy to operate and maintain, easy to use and maintain, the analyzer adopts an adjustable frequency control system, reducing power consumption and maintenance costs.

The dustproof standard of ultrafine vertical mill has reached the standard, the grinding device also adopts the overlapping multi-stage sealing setup method, which in fact can greatly improve the sealing of the equipment, good sealing performance so that the ultrafine vertical mill in the grinding work can play a big advantage. Combined with the advantages of ultrafine vertical mill, ultrafine vertical mill is worthy of grinding heavy calcium carbonate's right-hand man.

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