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Raymond mill application in processing bauxite

zkj/ Release time : 2023-11-06

Raymond mill with advanced technology, stronger function, is used in various industries of ore processing and production. Bauxite as an extremely important work also resources, generally need to be processed into powder, in order to fully integrate with other materials. The following is a brief introduction to the Raymond mill in the bauxite powder application.

Raymond mill principle

In the Raymond mill for bauxite grinding and processing, the first elevator to convey the appropriate size of bauxite to the storage hopper, under the action of the vibrating feeder to make the bauxite material into the Raymond mill grinding chamber. At this time, with the rotation of the mill, the bauxite is crushed tightly between the grinding rollers and rings.

Being crushed and ground to a certain degree of powder with the fan airflow up, in the powder selector for its powder classification, after the molecules meet the fineness requirements will be with the airflow through the pipeline into the cyclone collector, and then be effectively separated from the collection, and finally discharged the finished product powder. And the powder which can't reach the fineness requirement is returned to the grinding room to continue grinding.

Bauxite Grinding Mill

Bauxite Grinding Mill

Pre-treatment of bauxite grinding

In order to ensure the efficiency and quality of bauxite grinding, we usually equip Raymond mill with suitable crushing device. In this way, before the bauxite is ground, the larger particles of the material will be crushed properly, in order to prevent the material size is too large, resulting in the blockage of the feed opening, which affects the smooth progress of the grinding operation.

In general, the user's requirements for bauxite fineness are relatively high, Raymond mill adopts bevel gear overall drive, internal rare oil lubrication system and arc air ducts and other advanced technology, the finished product particle size can be adjusted to greatly improve the quality of the finished bauxite powder.

In addition, Raymond mill in the application of bauxite powder, in order to ensure that the entire milling production in line with national requirements for environmental protection, but also for the equipment configuration of a special dust removal device, in order to effectively prevent the milling operations in the dust flying.

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