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Extend the service life of bentonite mill method measures

zkj/ Release time : 2023-11-07

With the use of bentonite in our lives more and more high, bentonite mill is also more and more, as mechanical equipment, to work at all times can play out their performance, it is necessary to carry out regular maintenance and maintenance, so that not only can effectively increase the service life of the equipment, but also improve productivity, to create higher value for the enterprise, then in the maintenance of the time you need to do what things? Next to understand it.

1, the adjustment of some parameters

① First of all, in its long-term operation, pay attention to the adjustment of air volume, the air volume control valve is located in the fan inlet pipe, according to the fineness of the material, yield requirements, etc., generally open to the top of the position, and for the exhaust outlet located on the exhaust valve, should be adjusted to the inlet no dust sprayed out before, so that the air volume is small, the fineness of bentonite clay is also high, but the air volume is not easy to be too small.

② The second is the adjustment of the fineness of the equipment, should be processed according to the bentonite different degrees of coarse and fine, adjust the analyzer above the bentonite mill, when its rotational speed is high, the fineness is also high, of course, when the fineness of the increase in output will also be correspondingly lower, but to meet the demand for finer particle size.

 Bentonite Grinding Mill

Bentonite Grinding Mill

2, the replacement of grinding rollers and rings

As this part is also considered the main components of the equipment, so its replacement or scrapping will affect the performance of the whole bentonite mill. It is generally believed that when the grinding roll grinding ring remaining small wall thickness of less than 10mm, it can be scrapped, replaced with new parts, so as to facilitate the play of good production equipment. At the same time, it is also strictly prohibited metal blocks into the machine, otherwise it will damage the grinding roller and grinding ring.

3, bentonite mill in the production process, mainly through the shovel knife will be transported to the grinding rollers and grinding ring between the material in the grinding rollers and grinding ring under the extrusion was crushed. At this time, if the material hardness is high, it is not easy to be crushed and pulverized, and it will also affect the grinding speed of the equipment, resulting in a reduction in the production capacity of the equipment, and damage to wearing parts. Therefore, in the selection of materials, should choose the appropriate model of bentonite mill, as well as appropriate materials for processing and production to ensure stable production efficiency and prolong the use of time.

4, when the material enters the equipment before, its own moisture is more, grinding production is easy to produce adhesion, resulting in uneven grinding size, and conveying the finished product will cause air ducts, outlet blockage, but also affect the analyzer screening work. Therefore, the user needs to know the moisture content of the grinding material in advance, to avoid the phenomenon of blockage in production.

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