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What are the process advantages of shale grinding mill produced by Liming Heavy Industry

zkj/ Release time : 2023-11-09

Shale is a kind of sedimentary rock, mainly formed by clay deposition by pressure and temperature of the rock, but which is mixed with quartz, feldspar fragments and other chemicals, according to the composition of its mixture, can be divided into:Calcium shale, iron shale, siliceous shale, charcoal shale, black shale, oleocanthal shale and so on. Shale powder has a wider role and high availability, the shale is mined and ground and crushed, processed into powder or mechanism sand, which can be used in construction projects, ceramic crafts, etc.. The finished material can also be fully utilized in the market.

Shale grinding process:

When the shale mill is working, the large material is crushed into small particles by hammer crusher and then sent to the storage bin by elevator, and the material is evenly sent to the middle of the upper turntable by electromagnetic vibrating feeder, and the host motor drives the spindle and all layers of the turntable to rotate through the speed reducer, and the turntable drives dozens of ring rollers through the round shaft pins to roll and rotate inside the grinding ring raceway. Materials under the action of centrifugal force scattered to the round periphery, and fell into the grinding ring raceway by the ring roller stamping, rolling, grinding and pulverization, the material by the pulverization and fell into the second and third layer, through the high-pressure centrifugal fan suction will be sucked into the external air inside the machine and will be the third layer of pulverized materials into the powder selector with the material. Powder selector rotating worm gear Coarse materials fall back to regrind, fine powder with the airflow into the cyclone powder collector and discharged from its lower discharge valve that is the finished product, and with a small amount of fine dust airflow is purified by the pulse dust collector through the blower and the muffler discharged.

Shale Grinding Mill

Shale Grinding Mill

Advantages of Liming Shale Mill Production Line:

Reasonable layout, small footprint: vertical structure, small footprint, strong set, self-contained production system, saving land area, saving investment costs.

High production capacity and stable performance: adopting the design of bevel gear integral drive, split curved shovel knife and curved air duct, etc., so that the equipment has a more stable performance and improves the production capacity.

Simple operation and maintenance: the structure design is more compact, the important parts are made of better steel, the whole machine is durable and reliable. Superior performance, stable air volume and pressure, low failure rate, easy to install and adjust.

Green environmental protection, no dust spillage: the use of negative pressure system, no dust pollution, to achieve dust-free operation, to meet the national environmental requirements.

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