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What is the impact of too fast feed rate on the milling equipment

zkj/ Release time : 2023-11-14

Ultrafine mill is a kind of grinding equipment, absorbing the advantages of domestic and foreign mill manufacturers, after a full investigation, research, test 12 kinds of mills and horizontal ring hammer mill, through a number of studies and experiments and developed a high efficiency and low cost of ultrafine mill, widely used in metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, mining and other fields of mineral materials grinding processing.

The equipment is the first of the ultra-fine powder processing production, in the operation of the production power as well as the output value is obvious to all of us, in the milling equipment is also one of the best. In production, the output value of the equipment is equivalent to revenue, so the output value is the higher the higher, some users in order to improve the output value will inevitably increase the feed rate, in order to improve the output value of the ultra-fine mill, in fact, long-term equipment to do this will be a problem, then we will analyze in detail below the feed rate will be fast what problems will occur?

Grinding Production Line

Grinding Production Line

When the feed speed of the ultra-fine mill is accelerated, it is easy to appear the problem of overfeeding. Like some of the more common problems: the host current rises, the fan current falls; the host of the mill frequently stops, and the temperature of the equipment is too good phenomenon. Too much material will cause an increase in the load of the main shaft in the crushing chamber, causing damage to the motor. Therefore, in the milling production, excessive feeding will not only not appear the phenomenon of increased production, but also lead to mill failure, only uniform and uniform feeding is to ensure that the output of ultrafine mill effective measures.

Although the ultra-fine mill feeding speed is a little effect, but the premise is to the right amount, when this amount is too large will easily lead to failure. Ultrafine mill in the work, generally use electromagnetic vibrating feeder to feed, so as to ensure uniform feeding, but also effectively control the size and speed of the feed.

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