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Introduction to the types of mills for grinding and processing high calcium stone

zkj/ Release time : 2023-11-22

What are the high calcium stone grinding equipment? High calcium stones are stones with high calcium content. The more commonly used high calcium stones in nature are limestone, calcite, marble, etc. By grinding these stones into powder, high calcium powder can be extracted, which is widely used in industry, construction and life. The high calcium stone powder project is very low in technology cost and raw material cost. Therefore, its profit margin is large and popular among investors. Today we will introduce it.

High Calcium Stone Grinding Mill

High Calcium Stone Grinding Mill

There are three kinds of commonly used high calcium stone mills, Raymond mill, high intensity mill and LUM ultrafine mill. Their performance, output, fineness of the finished product, advanced level are different, but they all adopt vertical structure, small footprint, low infrastructure costs, high throughput rate, wearing parts using castings, process. Fine, the durability of the equipment in operation. And the use of a unified electronic control system, grinding workshop can basically realize unmanned operation, saving labor costs, the operation is more productive.

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